A Quick Cruise

I took a quick cruise this afternoon and came up with these images. Some similar photos have been in this space before but it’s a cloudless sky so far! It would be a good day for a bike ride if it wasn’t so damn hot. This is the time of year that I start wanting the seasonal heat to go away…

5 thoughts on “A Quick Cruise

  1. Nice mix of photos – so…question for you, does concrete do better there than asphalt? We’ve had our concrete roads buckle in the extreme heat here. The asphalt just makes grooves.

    • Most of the roads here are asphalt and they don’t seem to melt in the summer heat which is good! The Strip is asphalt along it’s full length too.

      • That’s great the roads don’t end up with grooves like ours do. The road we live on was replaced the summer before they sent dump trucks up and down it for the full summer… 🙄😏 so that could’ve been part of the issues here.

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