Picasso’s Bike

Another bike photo altered with the Becasso app on the iPad. Sunshine and 105 degrees today and pretty much for the next several days which is a normal temperature for summer. The 110+ that were here a while back was not normal. How is the weather in your neck of the wood?

10 thoughts on “Picasso’s Bike

  1. I have seen the orginal photograph too in your previous posts… But I can say this photograph standing amazing and more impressive than the others. I loved it. Thank you dear John, Have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

  2. I hope you’re not out riding your bike in those temps!! It was 52F this morning when I was out on my bike ride, it is currently 66F. Tomorrow it’s going to be “warm” perhaps a high of 77F. I think I’ll wear a dress tomorrow.

    • Oh no, Maria, it’s way too hot right now. I’d have to ride in the early morning, this morning would have been perfect but the bike is in the shop for some repairs so that it’s ready for cooler weather. 77 is perfect! It must be well below zero in Dalarna in winter. Do wear a dress, and take a photo to share! ❤️

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