The Drop Off

It’s a long way down there, the west side of the valley has some very steep roads! Note those little clone homes all in a row, a common sight in Las Vegas.

11 thoughts on “The Drop Off

  1. These house are like mushrooms and there is not much space between them, but they must be nice and spacious inside, John.

    • I like your description, Kaya! My home is around 1700 square foot and there is more space in between the homes either side of mine, thankfully!

  2. Your photo reminds me of when I lived in south Florida. We referred to them as zero lot line homes. I don’t care for cookie cutter homes – boring.

    • My home is a cookie-cutter home, there are I think four models in my neighborhood. Mine is a ranch style house. The lot line for my place is actually the edge of the sidewalk that leads to the front door!

      • From what I have seen of your home, it seems very nice, In south Florida, they would build large 2 story homes right next to each other with no property. I would rather live in a condo.

    • The yards around those little houses are almost non-existent, Shelley. My house has more than that in the backyard. Many but not all homes are stacked in this c,losely which is ridiculous, isn’t it!

    • They do suck badly, you are right! This may prove to some extent how these builders are only interested in building cookie cutter homes to maximise profits… My HOA has four models available back in the day which was 26 years ago.

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