Properly Balanced Chili

By that, I mean that the spice level is just right and the beans I used helped with that The last pot had beans with a spicy chili sauce in them which ruined that pot’s flavor but I ate it anyway.

It’s a shame to dump a whole pot of chili! Stanley Steemer is visiting my home this morning to clean my gross tile floor throughout the house. It’s become so grungy that I don’t walk barefoot on it lately. Yuck!

Sunny and just 104 degrees are up for today, I’m glad that the heatwave has gone leaving the valley within its much more normal temperature range in the low 100s.

6 thoughts on “Properly Balanced Chili

    • Yes, exactly, Derrick. I live by myself these days after suffering through three divorces! No more. 😂👍🏻🍻

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