Desert Landscape Beauty

These pics were taken when my sister was visiting a few weeks ago. Mojave Desert beauty. Sunshine and 102 degrees today, a much more normal summer temperature. How is your weather today?

9 thoughts on “Desert Landscape Beauty

  1. The desert always has its own surreal beauty. Love the photos as always. Not sure but it appears I may have been removed again? Its Rebecca Revels if it doesn’t show me.

    • A very unique beauty! You are here as Rebecca Revels, I do remove comments when I can’t identify who the person is.

    • It’s a very dry heat, Brian, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still deadly! Two women were found dead in the Valley Of Fire state park a few weeks ago. They shouldn’t have gone hiking in 0ver 100 degree heat. Very sad.

      • Yea, we went hiking in Joshua Tree two years ago with our son. It was a short hike, but it was amazing how quickly the temps took it out of us. I did find I liked the heat much better without the humidity. But, you are so right, gotta give Nature a wide berth. Can get you in trouble quick if you don’t watch!

        • That sounds great, Brian, I’ve never been in that park. It’s a long way south of Vegas. The York fire burned around ten thousand acres of that park recently, some of it was in Nevada too, very sad.

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