To Henderson And Back, Round Two

Just a few more photos from today, I hope they don’t bore you! 👍🏻 I’ve noticed that the police will pull off the freeway lanes and just sit there, likely to get people to slow the hell down. Good luck, officers.

On the way down to Henderson, I saw one car going incredibly fast with screaming exhaust and zero regard for the safety of other people. Add your expletive here.

On the way back, two cars played cat and mouse chase, weaving dangerously fast through the busy lanes. Obviously, this crap happens in any large city and it’s tough for me to see because I care about other people’s safety.

4 thoughts on “To Henderson And Back, Round Two

  1. That is a road I’ve driven a few times…I lived in Henderson the last four months of my time in the area.

    • I remember you posting about that, Maria, you worked for a family. I don’t know my way around Henderson at all, no reason for me to go there except for yesterday and getting my bike repaired on St Rose Parkway.

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