To Henderson And Back

It was a long drive south to Henderson, Nevada which bumps up against Las Vegas. The 215 freeway is the best way to get to the Pedego bike store down there, the trip went quickly. These photos are from the Sony A7C on the way home. The Strip is partially seen in one or two of them. I’ll try to keep this short.

The guy running this store took my bike immediately since there were no customers or bikes on the rack for repair. In about ten minutes, the guy had my gears back to normal. He knew exactly what was wrong with the gearing! And, there was no charge for the work which is amazing.

He also gave me a water bottle bracket for the bike at no cost as compensation for the long drive, wonderful! Upon arrival, I gave the man the full rundown on what had taken place at the other store which is almost within walking distance of my home.

And, his helper knew exactly what I was talking about regarding the joker who worked on my bike and messed up the gears when there was never anything wrong with them! That guy had in the past worked on bikes at that store too and caused the store more problems than he fixed.

That’s vindication for me. My new store is now a long drive away. Life… You never know what is going to happen do we. I’m just happy that my bike is ready for cooler weather and lots of rides.

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    • Thanks! I miss my almost daily rides, it’s gotta cool way down first. I don’t kow my way around Henderson except for Eastern Avenue and St. Rose Parkway.

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