Night Photos With The Sony

Just three not-so-good photos with the Sony A7C camera at about 11pm last night. 97 degrees is forecast for Las Vegas today, the summer heat continues!

7 thoughts on “Night Photos With The Sony

    • Thank you, Shelley! I took advantage of the neighbors behind me having their lights on, the kind of lights that hang over the yard with multiple rows of lights. I forget what they are called, but that is why their is so much light.

        • The light has never bothered me in four years, Shelly, the door in my bedroom blocks the sound nicely, and the oddly small and very high up window doesn’t let too much light in. That’s 1995 home design for ya. Since I wear a CPAP mask every night, I toss the other pillow over my head anyway. I can’t suffocate with the make pumping air down my throat!

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