More Beautiful Blue For You

Your comments tell me how much you guys love the beautiful sky above Las Vegas Valley, so here are two more photos of those blues from yesterday. The parking deck made a pretty good photography platform. Sunshine and 102 degrees for today!

9 thoughts on “More Beautiful Blue For You

    • Thank you, Brian! If you guys ever visit, I’d love to meet up and buy you guys lunch or dinner! 😎🍻

      • Very nice of you John. Will let you know if we ever visit. I’ve only been to Nevada once – when my son and I drove cross country. The desert was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. We get sunny blue skies here, but not like your shot. Yes, not as much green there, but beautiful, beautiful country!

    • Thanks so much, Derrick! Sunny and 102F here today, a normal summer temperature for Las Vegas. πŸ”₯🌞😎

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