No Poles

I had to remove four lamp poles or posts from this image, I hope it looks right! It’s been another lazy and nice day at my place, the hummingbird feeders were refilled, and they were overdue. Oops. It’s 102 just now and man is it hot next to the white stucco on my house! How is your weather? No floods or tornados I hope.

12 thoughts on “No Poles

    • That’s about 40 degrees cooler than here, Valeria! Send your rain to the desert southwest, the drought is so terrible. Do you have a Boston accent as I call it? I’ve always thought that that accent is linked to the British accent, or, what’s left of it??

      • If I could send this rain to you, believe me, John, I would. It has rained so much this Summer… that we haven’t really had a true Summer.

        Yes! I do have a Boston accent but I have trained myself to have what is a ‘reporters’ accent’ since I was in my late teens because it helps to sound professional. Buttttt it does come out to haunt me whenever I’m with friends relaxing. I believe that we have this accent from the country’s beginnings too because it’s very similar in sound to English accents.

        • Bingo, I’m glad that you agree about the English accent, it’s wonderful. Don’t hide it, use it. I want to see the entire UK really bad. It’s like a trip home in some way. America is an infant compared to the UK in terms of years. 😂🇬🇧❤️

            • Oh boy do I know. I follow a few UK blogs on WP and IG. A great way to learn directly in some sense from the locals. Being a Vegas local, ask me, I may have an answer! 😂🌴😎

              • My husband n I used to go to Vegas twice a year before having kids – not for gambling but for the weather n the mountains. So much fun. But we do plan taking a friends trip sometime around the kids going off to college. So I’ll hit you up for the latest info. 😊

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