Watching The Storm Grow

This photo is also from yesterday, and one id tricked up all crazy looking. The Weather Channel is saying that a category 4 hurricane is heading up the west coast and is near Cabo San Lucas at the moment and forecast to impact California this weekend. They said the last time a storm like this hit California was way back in the 1800s. The forecast for Las Vegas this weekend is calling for rain Friday and Saturday. Yay! Poor California, that state can’t catch a break with it’s wildfires and now a hurricane! No thanks, California…

14 thoughts on “Watching The Storm Grow

    • A hurricane has made it up the west coast before but it was long ago. This will be interesting and I intend to capture as much of it as I can.

    • Agreed! I never thought this possible, Venus, very weird. But, we will take the extra rain and hope the wind won’t become an issue.

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