11 thoughts on “A True Horse Lover!

    • Hi Lavinia, thank you! It’s wonderful that her husband is totally supportive of her hobby and frequently travels to the many shows she competes in. She has won several events, the ribbons are many! It’s good to see you back, I hope you don’t get washed out by the rain from the storm heading our way.

      • Any rain from that storm that comes up here will be very welcome. There are three fires up here we are keeping an eye on – The Wiley Creek Fire, Lookout Fire and Bedrock Fire. Lookout is basically in the same area as the 2020 Holiday Farm Fire. That fire came north, and we were in a Level 1 Evacuation zone, 10 minutes down the road from a Level 3 Evacuation zone. It has been very, very dry up here and fire danger is high.


        • Wow, I’m glad that fire never made it to your home! The York fire down here was 98% contained the last I read. It seems the Earth is burning! 😭

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