Beautiful Cloudy Beauty

Two clicks from a couple of days ago before I knew about the potential for at least a lot of wind and rain from a hurricane heading our way. This is so crazy, I never thought it possible here!

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Cloudy Beauty

    • Amen to that, Venus! I worry about the many homeless people that live in the concrete tunnels and flood control channels. So very sad. 😭

    • Thanks again, Lavinia! ❤️ That storm was a few days ago, it brought flash flood warnings north of Vegas. I hope the incoming storm will significantly help Lake Mead’s water level.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah man, it’s so damn strange! I had always thought that no hurricane could reach Las Vegas, yet the worst of this is apparently going to beat the tar out of California. I will get photos and video of anything relevant at my place as I am staying home as much as possible.

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