I hear There’s A Hurricane Coming!

I have always believed that Las Vegas will always be safe from hurricanes. Until now. Imagine what the flooding could do in a desert! I think it was two years ago during the monsoons that the Vegas Strip actually had water flooding down the boulevard. that’s just crazy, isn’t it!

I intend to capture as much of this event whether its really bad or not so bad so stick around okay? Thr sky looks stormy this morning which has me wonder if this is an extreme outer band of that hurricane? Still, a high of 99 degrees is on it’s way for this Friday with much cooler weather following.

11 thoughts on “I hear There’s A Hurricane Coming!

  1. Good luck with everything and hopefully there is no major flooding. I heard on the news this morning about how Joshua Tree National Park temporarily closed because of the hurricane.

    • Hi Derrick, I think the worst of it will hit California. This is a very rare thing! I plan to get photos and video of anything significant around my home. Gladly, the area around my home has great drainage except for how the guy who installed the pavers on the side of the house screwed up. It turns into a small shallow lake!

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