A Rainbow!

The storms blowing around last night made for some beautiful photos, I have a few more to post, but the rainbow was a nice surprise! I saw other photos of this rainbow on Instagram too, there are several IG users here that I am friends with. The rain and wind from the approaching hurricane is still a threat, this will be an interesting time to see the remains of a hurricane in the Mojave Desert!

16 thoughts on “A Rainbow!

    • Thank you, Belinda! Well, the weather channel says that Las Vegas is in for some serious rain and flooding as is California. It’s good that my roof doesn’t leak!

    • Thank you, Anneli! The rainbow was more visible to others here as I saw on their Instagram accounts. I’m looking forward to the weather from the hurricane getting here.

      • I love the way the light plays on the clouds (and on everything, actually). It’s so much more interesting than a clear blue sky.
        Ask me again though after we’ve had months of gray sky and rain, and I might have changed my mind about that blue sky.

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