So This Is Hilary?

I am aware via the weather channel and other sources how badly California is getting hit by Hilary, but so far here in Las Vegas there has been rain overnight and just sprinkles or no rain. Is the worst yet to come for the valley? A high wind warning has been issued which should have begun around two pm, but there is no wind at all. How accurate are the weather forecast folks? So far it seems that they’ve missed the target…

Update: California just had a magnitude 5.0 earthquake. No thanks, California!

Well look at that, a typical Michigan sky over Las Vegas!

12 thoughts on “So This Is Hilary?

    • No, not at all so far, Derrick. Just some much needed rain and a bit of wind. I’ll take it! I never thought a hurricane could ever touch Las Vegas Valley but I was wrong! 😂

    • Thanks, Clay, the clouds do that in winter too. Those peaks are about 4000 feet and are several miles west of my place. Gladly, the snow stays high in the Spring Mountains where it belongs!

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