The Lake Is Back

That little lake is back and it’s been raining all night at a slow pace. This is supposed to be a 24 hour event so let’s see what happens. How is your weather this Sunday?

19 thoughts on “The Lake Is Back

  1. Rainbow, a sign of peace. The last report I read was that this storm would makes its way up into Oregon. The eastern part of the state would get heavy rain, but the Willamette Valley would get high winds without all the rain. That is not good for all the fires going on.

    • Thank you, Vinny! It rained last night, then no rain all day until just a few minutes ago. A high wind warning has been issued but the valley gets tons of windstorms in the winter so it’s not a big deal. California is getting pounded really bad.

    • Umber, I would if I could, Shelley! I’m going to have some who knows pavers repair that area so it will hopefully stop flooding. It never gets in the house though. There is a hole in the block wall where it can eventually get out.

        • Thanks, Shelley, I was watching the water come off of the roof yesterday, a small gutter would redirect the water to the opposite side of the block wall and stop the flooding instead of tearing up the pavers. We usually don’t use gutters here. The HOA may have something to say about a gutter, even if it matches the bright white paint on the stucco siding.

  2. 🙂 Okay, John. You had me fooled. I was expecting to see the traditional type of lake and not water accumulating on your property.

    By the way, I advise removing the water to prevent property damage.

    • I wasn’t trying to fool ya, sorry! I have decided to get someone who knows how to repair pavers out here to fix the slope. The guy that installed them obviously didn’t do it right. The water has never got into the house because there is an outlet through the block wall.

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