Hilary’s Water

Well, so far Las Vegas seems to have escaped the worst of this storm’s wrath. Plenty of rain and wind but nothing like California has seen, Las Vegas seems to have been to the east of the worst of the storm.

18 thoughts on “Hilary’s Water

  1. Glad it wasn’t as bad as the forecast was predicting. Some areas weren’t as lucky. Too bad all that rain couldn’t travel further up north to help with the wildfires in Canada.

    • Thanks! I think Las Vegas got off easy with this storm. California took a serious beating as I thought it would, sad. This is a historical event, actually!

  2. Oh yes, it was a serious problem all weather reports in the world. I hope you have lived the worst one and not to happen again. By the way temperature is still very high in here, humidity too but there is not any rain… it doesn’t rain. Right now it is night and the humidity 90%… unbelievable, and İstanbul needs water urgently… what will we do I don’t know. Did you hear the Panama channel problem, all ships are waiting for passing but the channel was closed because of the drought! Have nice and safety day, Thank you, Love, nia

    • I hope you get some water soon, Nia! 90% is super high, our humidity is usually 40% or much lower at 12% at times. I didn’t know about the Panama Canal issue, I don’t see how that can happen since it is open to the sea at either end.

      • you can find on the news, it has been happenning at first time. Strange and actually fearful for earth… Thank you, but really it doesn’t rain… I pray for this… Love, nia

    • At this point I agree, Eugi! I’m glad and hope that the storm has helped brink our beautiful Lake Mead up a few inches or feet. It hasn’t been at full pond since the 1980s!

    • We do seem to have escaped the worst so far, Lavinia. By tomorrow this system should be out of here according to weather reports and it’s back to the 90s!

  3. I have so many online friends out that way who are dealing with the storm. Glad you’re missing the worst of it.

    • Thank you, Rebecca, the storm has been almost nothing here. I though I was going to see mega downpours and dangerous high winds.

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