Blue Sky, Palm Trees

The sky and palms are beautiful, aren’t they? My cardiologist wants me to wear a heart monitor for a week and have another ECG soon. He is concerned about a specific valve in my heart so of course I’m happy to have the tests. Getting older can be a bummer but I am happy for every day as well, thank you, God!

Oh, my bike’s battery is now in the shop for testing to see if it fails the test which I think it will but it’s likely still under warranty, just!

4 thoughts on “Blue Sky, Palm Trees

  1. Someone I know when He was born, a value on His heart came away, they saved his life giving Him Surgery. Don’t double think if they ask you to do certain things!
    I wore one of those, but for a week and press a button when i was getting twinges, turns out I have High blood pressure

    • Oh I am not thinking twice, I always do what my doctor tells me to do. That has worked well for years! You too? I take lots of BP meds every day which sucks but it’s better than the alternatives.

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