Detention Pond At Work

I’ve never seen this much water in this pond, Hilary dumped a few gallons in it. The top of the dam within the pond looks like it was damaged by fast-flowing water but I’m not sure. Yesterday’s ride was great!

4 thoughts on “Detention Pond At Work

  1. Have you heard of ‘Cloud Seeding ‘? It’s a thing that should really be stopped. I agree that we should be letting Earth warm and cool, naturally as God intended.

    • Well, I don’t believe in the global warming nonsense, GP. Earth has been warming and cooling by itself for millions of years before humans came along, it’s all proved by geologists and the geologic record. Political motivations are what drive people to manipulate the masses to believe something that just isn’t true.

      • I believe it’s a combination of the two. Humans can’t seem to help themselves from overpopulating and destroying everything they touch.

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