17 thoughts on “The Beautiful Desert

  1. The views of the desert landscape never get old. It’s finally starting to cool down here and some of our leaves have already started to change colour. It’s hard to believe it’s already September!

        • I see it is now 16% contained, I hope it improves and doesn’t join up with the Bedrock fire SW of it. Stay safe!!

          • Thank, GP. I see the map has been updated. It is now listed as 21135 acres and 16% contained. Yes, when fires join up and become huge, they create their own weather and can become juggernauts. Bedrock, a bigger fire, is a concern as well, though not as close to us as Lookout.

            In September of 2020 I remember being in one of several long lines for gasoline in town, and everyone looking up at the billowing black smoke in the sky moving towards us, tinged with surreal green, pink and purple colors. It looked like it could ave been straight out of Mordor from The Lord of the Rings. Buildings, cars, chemicals, metals, plastics, trees and any living beings in its path went up in flames. Ash fell, sometimes big flakes. It is the closest thing to a war zone I have seen in my lifetime.

      • The humidity is generally very low out here in this part of Oregon in summer. I learned Oregon has its own version of California’s Santa Ana winds. That played a role in the 2020 fires.

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