26 thoughts on “The Beautiful Blue Sky

  1. The photos are gorgeous, but I would miss the clouds and rain in winter, and those transitional skies of spring and fall. The sound of rain on a metal roof is music in its own right.

    • Hi Lavinia, being from Michigan I agree with you. I do miss a good thunderstorm and they are rare here unless it’s monsoon season. I had a steel barn/garage with a metal roof on my property in Michigan in the 90s. I got caught inside it with a hailstorm hitting the roof. It was SO loud that I had to cover my ears! It actually hurt them.

    • Have you guys been here before? I can’t handle the gray sky and cold for months on end anymore back home. Visiting in winter for our family Christmas is enough cold for me. I’m sort of stuck here in that sense, but its a great place to be stuck! 🌴😎🌞

      • No, we haven’t. My boss has a place there and he tells me about the weather and why they like it there too. I’m sure the nice blue skies are part of the reasons.
        Yeah…the gray sky and cold is hard to deal with. I think I might have a hard time staying inside when it is sunny out. I suppose that having sun year round, you don’t mind staying in when it is really hot? I’m glad you found your happy spot – that’s always a good thing!!!

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