The Apex Peak Run

These clicks are from two years ago when I took a long drive north of Las Vegas using Las Vegas Boulevard. The scenes there look nothing like the world famous Strip. Just the desert landscape with man’s stuff strewn about.

There is a large plant up there that produces drywall, there is another plant making the same product well southwest of the city too. The dust devils were out and about that days as was the nasty looking smog floating over the valley. How about a dusty ride on one of those quads?

I’ve considered purchasing one because I have years of experience riding them. Alas, they are very expensive and I have no place to store it or the trailer.

6 thoughts on “The Apex Peak Run

  1. All great shots, but the third one is my favorite. There’s something so intriguing about how the dust is swirling upwards. I also love the little peek of the mountains to the left and the city to the right. It’s a really cool shot!

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