The Anatomy of A Joshua Tree

Up close and personal, these amazing yucca can live up to 700 years and are food for a few critters too. A high of 107 degrees is coming for Las Vegas today which means that summer is certainly not coming to a close here! How is your weather shaping up this Tuesday?

15 thoughts on “The Anatomy of A Joshua Tree

      • A quote from Google They said its silhouette resembled Joshua, the biblical prophet and successor of Moses, while he prayed with his hands raised toward the sky. Other legends have it that the tree, with its twisted branches, signaled the way the Jews should go to the Palestinian city of Jericho.

  1. Really interesting shots, John. That last one is my favorite with the contrast of the bright blue sky. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these in person. Amazing!

    • Thank you, Bridgette! They grown only here so you have to drive to the Joshua tree National Park or to Vegas. The park is much closer. ❤️

    • Thanks, Anita. You’re not supposed to remember that haha! I just don’t get out for new photos much these days… Maybe I should change the blog name or start a new blog on a different subject.

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