Boats In The Desert?

Yes, thanks to Lake Mead, of course, the ever-shrinking lake. These photos were taken on a day trip about three years ago through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

The small yacht looks as though it has been baking in the desert sun for a long time which sucks. Contrast the boat with the other photos, it’s an odd juxtaposition!

13 thoughts on “Boats In The Desert?

    • Thanks for asking, Belinda. I just had a look at this from a couple of websites, the lake has risen 14 feet thanks to the big snow pack melt in the Rockies.

      It sill has a very long way to go though. Water was released from Lake Powell a few months ago to help Lake Mead. Still we would need 4 more years of big snow melt from the Rockies according to what I just read.

      It’s a scary thing man, Las Vegas and so many other people depend on our big lake. People had found human remains and sunken boats from the extreme drop in the lake level. So sad.

      If the lake were to drop another 145 feet, the lake will become what is called Dead Pool. That means that there isn’t enough water to keep the turbines moving inside the dam which means zero electric power generation. And no drinking water. Scary times, Belinda…

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