Winter, 2022

I hope you like these fairly recent photos with cloudy skies and a nice colorful sunset. Sunshine and 106 degrees are on for Las Vegas today, meanwhile, Florida is getting beat up once again by the latest hurricane. Why in the world do people live in that state?

11 thoughts on “Winter, 2022

  1. As always I do love your photography. WordPress for some reason won’t allow me to post photos, too big or some such. So I will enjoy yours. That hurricane skirted the edge of NC but by then it was downgraded so less damage. I lived in Florida as a kid and loved it there. I do prefer here though.

    • Thank you! I suggest that you have a chat session with one of those happiness engineers, they can look into why you can’t post photos. That’s ridiculous! My dad still has a home in Tarpon Springs, other than than that my family is all out of Florida. Enough with the damn hurricanes!

    • You are wise to stay away, Venus! After losing so much in Florida in 93′, I’ll never live there again. I can still see my baby daughter in the back seat of the flooded, brand new Pontiac filled with salt water. Totaled the car. Say no to Florida!

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