A Rare Rocky Road!

These photos are crap but they are intended to show how much sand, rock and stone has washed onto the normally dry and clean roads around here. The city has a huge job on its hands, and this is likely going on all over the city too. That’s all of the water that got into my garage late last night, nothing to worry about but it’s very unusual. One photo shows how angry the monsoon sky still looks this afternoon!

9 thoughts on “A Rare Rocky Road!

  1. There is a bit of clean up to be done. I don’t know how the sand and gravel is to drive your electric bike on but my son wouldn’t be excited about driving his motorcycle on your streets right now.

    • My bike is down right now because of the battery crapping out, it’ll be ready soon and for the cooler weather. Not all the roads look like this fortunately! I wonder how the city cleans the larger rocks up, the small stuff might be picked up with a street sweeper truck. There are lots of them here. My HOA has a street sweeper truck too.

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