Garage Flooding

Well, my private lake rose high enough last night to send the water into the garage which forced me to move things so that I could squeegee the water out the main garage door. Crazy! This hasn’t happened in four years here. There’s still a chance of rain today too with just 79 degrees for the high. Nice!

16 thoughts on “Garage Flooding

  1. Ugh. Oh no! I am glad to read your comments that it is dry bow but boy what a moment with flooding in vegas! Hope this is it and you dont see any water inside again.

    • Thank you, Valeria, me too! There was flooding again this afternoon and eve, bit that cell passed southeast of my location so no rain at all. That works for me! The monsoon rains are sooo needed.

  2. John, it’s was awful and very stressful. I am glad that it dried up by now but the damage has been done and unfortunately you will have to pay for it. I wish this never happened…

    • Thanks, Giada, it’s already dried up. It’s the pavers outside that are incorrectly sloped that causes this. I’ve never seen our monsoon rains fall this fast!

  3. I am sorry to hear about the flooding. Sounds like your garage floor is flat? Up here the cement is poured with a very slight angle to help drain water out, but our winters are normally very wet.

    • Hi Lavinia, thanks. It’s no big deal, all of the flooding is gone this morning as I expected. The garage floor is graded so the water runs outward which it did. The little squeegee did a nice job of pushing the excess out of the garage. There was a bag of charcoal on the floor, when I picked it up, it broke and the dirty charcoal went all over the floor. Messy!

    • There is no drain in the garage, and there is an outlet outside at the bottom of the wall but it’s a bit too high to drain the water properly. It’s the pavers that need to be rebuilt. I may have to cough up the cash to have this done…

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