Don’t Feed Them That!

It grinds my gears to see people feeding these birds bread which has no nutritional value for them. I managed a 14-mile bike ride this afternoon and the ride was so good, it’s nice to feel the warm breeze on my face and the strong desert sun on my skin. The loaner battery that I am using held up 100% better than my old battery which has indeed failed. I have a few more photos from today’s ride for tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Feed Them That!

    • Thanks, Maria! This was the first longer ride I’ve had since before summer began. Riding in 90 degrees and higher isn’t something I can endure. This winter, I plan to put the bike in the truck bed and try a ride elsewhere, perhaps Boulder City. They have some great trails there according to what I’ve seen online. That’s a long ride down there so I’d have to leave home early. Did you get to mow the grass in your garden?

      • Wonderful. I have a friend in Henderson that often rides down to Boulder City in the weekends. He loves the trails there. I have never tried them. But it does sound like fun to try a new area 🙂

        Actually I showed a friend my garden this weekend and he mowed the lawn for me, so that I could do other things in the garden. it looks very nice there now 🙂 I can’t wait to got over there and pokily some more this weekend. It’s sunny and 70-73F all week this week. Very nice, (almost perfect if it wasn’t for all the mosquitoes due to all the rain we’ve had.)

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