Around The House This Afternoon

What a day it’s been here just being stuck inside because of that Shingles vaccine making me feel like crap. Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better because I will drive south to Henderson to pick up the new battery for my bike. Gladly, the bike wasn’t quite out of warranty which saved me a few hundred bucks!

The photo of my little base station was taken just because I can. You can’t install a tower in this Home Owner’s Association so a mobile antenna meant for cars and trucks has to do the job. Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

12 thoughts on “Around The House This Afternoon

  1. When I traveled from Orlando to Miami every weekend, I had a CB and I loved it. I used to own a 240z Datsun which got me to and fro for several years. I hope you feel better. 💖

    • Thank you, Derrick, it’s been two days now and I feel much better this morning. It’s amazing what eight hours of sleep can do!

    • 10-4, good buddy! 🤣 I started in radio in 1979 with CB and migrated to earning my ham radio license from the FCC in 1980 or 1981 I think. I don’t get on the sir much these days but I enjoy listening. And to Shortwave radio stations too after dark.

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