A John Deere Sunrise

This photo was taken a few years ago and has appeared in this space previously but not with the fun effect from Becasso. A high of 91 degrees is up for today, the summer heat is very slowly receding.

6 thoughts on “A John Deere Sunrise

    • Thank you, Pooja! This was my mother’s idea and ever since she passed the flowers have been planted in the old spreader every year. 🥰

        • Oh my gosh, Pooja, you would be blown away with seeing the many things she created in the house, around the yard. So much wonderful talent. She is missed very much. Our family Christmases have never been the same without her high energy, her laugh and her very delicious food creations.

          • She sounds absolutely lovely, I’m sure you have many wonderful memories of her. It’s tough when we lose a loved one but thankfully we have memories with them we can cherish.

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