Another Beautiful Afternoon

Heading north on Durango Drive I captured these beauties with the Sony A7C while on the way to the Cox store regarding my internet. It’s been wonky for a few days by losing the internet link. My old equipment is much older than I thought, so I have a new modem/wifi and remote control to install tomorrow.

At this moment, I am using the hotspot on my iPhone to get on the internet since the system appears to have finally kicked the bucket. Ain’t technology great!

9 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Afternoon

    • Hi Maria! I will install the new equipment Tuesday morning, my internet from the old system has been dead all day, how amazing is it that I picked up the new system today? Life is a crazy road, but I hope the new system install goes okay because I’m not so good with this kind of stuff. The TV works fine though. 😂

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