The Green Grass Of Home

These are old photos from a few years ago, Michigan is incredibly green compared to Las Vegas. Sunshine and a slight chance of a passing shower are up for today with the mid-90s coming. My old internet equipment is officially dead now, The cable companies’ local customer service location hooked me up with new equipment so I have to install that today, Wish me luck. I’m using my iPhone’s Hot Spot to get on the internet this morning. It’s so slow compared to a router!

16 thoughts on “The Green Grass Of Home

        • Yes! It’s a 3.5 hour flight home, pretty short actually but I didn’t visit twice this summer. It’s because dad is 95 and I and my sister don’t want to stress him out or burden him with my stying at his home. That sounds weird but it’s not, Pooja. It’s love. ❤️

    • I remember dialup, and it totally sucked! My link via the iPhone isn’t much better with less than one megabyte of transfer speed but at least I’m not off the internet. Cox will be at my place between 8 and 12 tomorrow. The guys at the Cox store were able to bump my appointment up by three days! I’m looking forward to trying this new system out, the old one was just that but I didn’t even know it was. It’s so old that they told me I don’t need to return the old stuff to them. Yikes!

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