A Slight Variance

Here’s a different version of that round building that is the Cox customer service building. The photos are slightly different. I heard some thunder a couple of hours ago, looking outside the cell was west of my place but it kept moving north. Damn… Once again I had a look at trying a new theme for this blog but as usual, nothing was worth the effort. Changing the theme almost always messes your site up in some way which takes time to fix. WordPress needs to get serious about the free themes they offer!

12 thoughts on “A Slight Variance

      • Full Site Editing. You do everything yourself using templates, It is frustrating, at first, but once you get the hang of it is not too bad. One of the other bloggers and I helped each other get through it. Think of it as putting together a puzzle and have a lot of patience.

  1. I’m trying to change my theme too because the one I use currently is “retired” which means they no longer update it and that can mean some functions don’t work well. However, I don’t like any of the other themes they offer. This one was perfect for me. And yes, changing your theme always messes something up! I changed it earlier and it got so messed up that I had to change it back.

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