Biking Pics

Just two iPhone photos from today’s 14-mile ride. The new battery did a great job too. Some of you may have noticed that LVPB was down for a few hours today, well, that is because of yours truly.

There was a weather widget in the sidebar that was decommissioned by the builder and my admin panel alerted me to this. I deleted that widget and looked for a new one in the Plugins pages. I chose a widget that hadn’t been tested for the current version of WordPress, and that is what took the entire site down.

I’ll take the hit for this, I wasn’t being careful with choices… An email to the folks at JetPack got the site back up. They deactivated the rotten plugin that I could not access due to the specific page I needed could not be loaded. Having the Business plan has its moments, eh?

16 thoughts on “Biking Pics

  1. I have seen quite a few Electric Bicycles lately probably because of Gas prices. I have also had a lot of interest in my car so won’t be surprised if I see more of those soon, too.

  2. So glad they were able to fix the issue with your site and yes that’s one of the main perks of the Business Plan! Those flowers are so beautiful by the way 😍

  3. Already a new battery John? I had the impression that you haven’t owned your e-bike for very long. What exactly was the problem – you couldn’t charge them anymore?
    Fortunately, the people at Jetpack were able to quickly help you with your plugin problem.
    Nice weekend.

    • Since I have the Business plan, the folks at Jetpack respond to your issues much faster, a nice perk. I installed a bad weather plugin unknown to me, that is what took the site down. I knew how to fix it but couldn’t access that plugin page. Gladly, they could.

      Myself and the folks at the Pedego store agreed that the original batter was faulty from the get go. The new battery is much better of course, I hope it lasts much longer. I purchased the bike in late 2021. Just inside warranty!

  4. So happy to hear that the new battery is working out for you! For several years having an electric bike have not been anything I would consider, but lately I’ve been starting to tank that it might be in the cards at some future point. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks, Maria! The new battery is fine, the old one was faulty from the start as it should have lasted way longer. And, it was just barely in warranty still! The bike was purchased in late 2021. I think you would totally love an electric bike, Maria. Once you try riding one you will see the advantages, riding is so much more fun!

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