Yesterday I made an experimental and small pot of chili which came out delicious, but it needs a bit of refining. Cooking the meat, I lifted the pot up to dump the meat on a plate as part of the process and earned that nice red spot! Damn, that hurt! Isn’t the Ransvaal cute? πŸ€ͺ

18 thoughts on “Burned!

  1. I do too this kind of things and the burn stain doesn’t go away anymore… I hope it is well now dear John, be careful (he he who says this me!!!) Love, nia

    • It’s under control and still a bit tender. Just me being clumsy! I picked that tray up at a store in Tivoli Village last year. What the f*ck! πŸ˜‚

    • Thank you, Renard, you are so kind! I put Neosporin and another ointment on it right away, it’s under control now. I’ve also cut two fingers while making food. Clumsy!

    • Very much so! It stung like hell for a bit but I put Neosporin and another ointment on it so it’s doing good now. Will take a while to go away.

    • Hi Leah, thank you! It’s under control with Neosporin and another ointment on it right away. I am a clumsy guy in the kitchen! Already cut two different fingers too. Duh! Thanks for stopping by so often to see my crazy photos, you are appreciated my friend! ❀️

    • It will be okay, Anita, I have it covered with Neosporing and another ointment, no worries but it may leave a scar! I have plenty of those already…

    • Thanks, Lavinia, it is covered with Neospoein and another ointment so the pain is gone. It may leave a visible scar though. Ain’t life a trip!

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