During The Pandemic 2020

The pandemic didn’t slow my penchant for photography down one bit, did it! My home was sprayed a second time this morning because of the scorpion issue. While I was making an experimental pot of chili yesterday, I spied a scorpion under the flame on the range top! That is when I called the pest control company. He just finished spraying and used a more potent chemical mixture this time. Yeah, that was freaking gross seeing that bug while I was cooking!

8 thoughts on “During The Pandemic 2020

    • Put the bug in the flame? I think it was already roasted from the heat being an inch or less from it. The house has been sprayed again inside and out. This company does not charge you for a second spray.

    • They sure do, Lavinia, they can slip right under your front door or windows easily. The guy re-sprayed the house inside and out this morning. Three of them on the sticky pads indoors is three too many!

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