I Survived!

I don’t always wear a helmet while on my bike rides but know that I really should. That said, how many of us survived our childhoods without helmets and the other things mentioned in that image which I grabbed from Instagram.

I recall going over the handlebars of my bike and landing on my back circa 1970 at ten years of age with no helmet! At 62, I am much more careful of how and where I point that eBike. It’s the unknown factor with people driving cars, you must stay ultra aware of everything happening around you.

There is no way that I will ride a motorcycle in this town! The not-so-good flower photos were taken this afternoon, and you know where!

19 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. Safety just wasn’t as big of a thing when we were growing up either. We never used to wear helmets while riding a bike. But then again we grew up in the country where there was no traffic.

  2. The flower photos are gorgeous. I was an antsy child and had several mishaps while riding my bike but there were always nice people around to help. Nowadays, it is much different. Sigh.

    • That’s good that had a good childhood, today people are not so happy and it’s all about them. Or so it seems. I’ve met plenty of very nice people in Vegas.

  3. Those flower images are beautiful, I really love when you share flower pictures they’re so beautiful 😊 Take of yourself and wear the safety stuff necessary. When we’re young we survive everything but as we get older we have to take care of ourselves.

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