Caged Rocks

I really don’t know what the rocks within the rebar are supposed to be other than caged rocks! Elsewhere, I have seen rebar shaped like a Saguaro cacti and other shapes filled with rocks. We have plenty of rocks here in the desert. Maybe this one is keeping a doorway into Earth closed, haha!

The photo of the Las Vegas Strip was taken at 60mm, not nearly enough gain or zoom but at least the sky is clear and the smog seems absent… The windstorms will be returning soon which helps keep the smog away in my opinion.

Some of you may have heard about an apparent cyber attack on the MGM and Caesars venues on the Strip. I can’t find any information that confirms that the attackers here and in the UK, actually paid a 30 million dollar ransom.

This is no surprise to me considering that the days of true, believable journalism vanished from America years ago. So putrid… My finger points at Liberalism and crooked government.

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