10 thoughts on “A Bitter Michigan Winter

  1. FYI- Your last Post picture wouldn’t open and it wouldn’t let me comment.
    As for this one, I enjoy watching the Snow fall and have thought it fun to wake up to Winter Wonderland but, I can’t handle the cold especially my Migraines which intensify.

    • Thanks for telling me about this glitch, Venus, but I don’t think I can fix it. I’ve awoke to enough winter wonderlands over the decades, so waking up to palm trees outside my bedroom is most satisfying!

    • You speak like a true Michigander! I suppose any snow that has fallen came down in the Yooper. I keep an eye on this via The Weather Channel. Stay warm!

    • I understand that completely, Belinda! I’ve been in the desert for ten years this year and don’t miss the bitter winters of Michigan. It’s nice to wear shorts, a tee and a light jacket all winter.

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