Going To The Doctor’s Office Again

And, it’s not because I had an appointment today. Once again I had to drive there because I refuse to talk to the people at the call center that this company foolishly set up.

You can’t call the office directly anymore and the people in that call center are not native English speakers, hence I refuse to call it and my doctor and the office he is contracted to know that I refuse to call the center. I guess they don’t listen to the patients or give a crap. He is leaving and I will follow him to his new office.

My doctor was there and I saw him briefly about my refills. It’s a shame how the medical profession has gone down the crapper these days. Patients are just a number, not a human being. I grabbed these photos while taking a detour on purpose to avoid some heavy traffic areas.

14 thoughts on “Going To The Doctor’s Office Again

  1. What happened to the personal touch in not just the medical field but everything where one needs a helping hand? I think it left along with common sense. The photos are gorgeous.

    • You are 100% correct in my opinion, Eugi. Common sense left this country long ago very sad. my mom used to say that you can’t get good customer service anymore, she was exactly right. Very sad days for America.

    • Thank you, Derrick, the call center was started after I began seeing my GP at this location, he used to have his own office which he is going to do again. I told him that I will follow him to his new location when his contract expires.

  2. I agree with you John, call centers are no option for medical help ! We still have doctors with assistent that takes the phone calls and makes the appointments. The only problem we have, is that doctors have a “patient stop”. If you don’t have a regular doctor or if you move to somewhere else, it’s almost imposssible to find a doctor that will take you as a new patient.

    • Not an option, never was an option, Rudi! So ridiculous! Maddening. I’ve stayed with my GP for a few years now, he’s a fantastic doctor. I will follow him to his new practice when his contract expires. No more call center. I won’t have to drive to that office anymore to get my pills refilled.

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