It Was A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a very beautiful day with the high temperature in the 80s for a change. I am glad to see the summer heat slipping away even though I do like it. I squeezed a 9-mile bike ride in too.

And, yes, the burn on my arm looks horrible. The shiny area is Neosporin on the worst part, the white cream is Zinc Oxide which speeds up getting rid of bruises. it seems to be helping the areas away from the really bad part to heal faster. Yuck!

11 thoughts on “It Was A Beautiful Day

    • Agreed, no, the sting is gone and the injury is coming along nicely, thank you for asking, Venus! I might post another image of it tomorrow. I’ve been in a few too many ER rooms in my time…

  1. Quite a serious burn John! These types of wounds require utmost care! It looks like you are doing your best to ensure a quick recovery.

    • I am doing all I know how to do, Rudi. It is itchy this morning which is a good sign. I’ll take the bandage off this morning to let it breathe for a few hours, then cover it again this eve, Thanks!

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