She Put Fifteen More Miles Behind Her…

Day by day, mile by mile, the bike is getting closer to 2000 miles since late 2021! Easily the farthest I have ever rode any bike in my lifetime. Would I purchase an non-powered bike again? Nope. Today is another perfect day for biking! The bike will hit 2K in less than 150 miles.

6 thoughts on “She Put Fifteen More Miles Behind Her…

  1. The yellow house in Summerlin is beautiful. I think it looks like it belongs in a fairytale. I’m happy to see that you are enjoying your rides.

    • Yes, biking can be my happy place, Maria! This place is usually a part of my trail, but I change things up sometimes. Did you have a lunch or dinner in the Village?

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks! I love that bike, it has become a happy place for me when feeling the breeze in the sunshine! You can of course go places my pickup truck never will… 😂

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