North View, West View and The Weather

The latest forecast shows a cooling trend which is very nice, summer is very slowly winding down to the winter temperatures which are nice. The photo with the lamp post in the foreground is looking north towards the Las Vegas Range which is the northern boundary of the Las Vegas Valley.

The other photo is looking west towards the south end of the Spring Mountains. The old iPhone 12 still does a pretty good job and the iPhone 15 is now available.

Should any of us “upgrade” just to have the latest device? I have resisted trading in the iPhone 12 because it’s paid for and it works perfectly. Will you trade if you haven’t already?

17 thoughts on “North View, West View and The Weather

    • Yes, no complaints, Anneli! This is the time of year that the doors and windows can be left wide open, you may get an occasional fly though. 😂

        • And I don’t have a screen door on the front door. Never got around to having one added to the front door but the others have them.

          I put a lot of cash into this place after buying it outright. The entire backyard needed to be rebuilt as it was just dirt. Pavers were installed down either side of the house where it was just dirt.

          House painted inside and out. Bedroom floors need to be replaces as they are probably the cheapest crap the previous owners could have put down.

          A home is like a boat, a hole in the water into which one pours money!

  1. I can’t believe we’re going to have temperatures in the 80s the first week of October!! I have an iPhone 11 and always try to wait until I have an issue with the phone before upgrading, but I would really like the new iPhone.🙂

    • Hi Venus, they are good devices and have come a long way from many years ago when I had one. I may not even know how to use a phone like that now, having been using the iPhone for so many years. It’s the same thing for a Windows computer, how does it work!

    • Hi again, GP, yes indeed! I always tire of the summer heat at this time of year. The heat is nice but it stops me from biking. I see people around the are riding bikes and I’m wondering how the heck they handle the heat, it’s dangerous!

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