X It

Isn’t it a funny name for an apartment complex? The place looks nicely kept though. Next is that Green Valley Ranch entrance at a bit wider angle. The crusty moon photo was taken late last night with the iPhone 12. I haven’t decided on taking a bike ride today… Happy weekend, friends!

8 thoughts on “X It

    • It looks much more expensive an apartment than the one I lived in after the divorce, Pooja! Apartments are so overpriced here these days…

      • They’re overpriced everywhere these days, so annoying! And I can imagine it was worse after a divorce since men don’t often end up doing well in those 🫤

        • No, we do not at all, especially where children are involved. In my experience, the judges just hand everything to the woman and in so many words tell the man to piss off.

          This is so bad that we have attorney offices here that work exclusively for men in divorce cases. It’s so vile it makes me really angry, Pooja.

          Number three and I couldn’t have children which is what we both wanted… Maybe the only good thing about that marriage.

          • That’s literally so awful, the law is supposed to protect both parties not just hand everything to one. Really hope some changes are made soon because it’s absolutely unfair to do that to men.

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