Birds And Buildings

I’m using up some older photos here, the hummingbird feeder has a lot of traffic as does the smaller one nearby. The One Summerlin building looks great in the sunshine, the sunshine that I will be missing next month! The long-range forecast for my area of Michigan shows a high in the 40s and a low in the 50s with bouts of rain and snow. Typically crappy Michigan weather…

Birds In The Bathtub!

After getting my flu shot today I walked into the bedroom and saw these three birds frolicking in the bath. They did short flights over the bath seeming to battle for use of the water. These larger birds did a great job of running off the smaller birds, such bullies!

Las Vegas Does Have A Drive In!

One of the photos shows the big screen of the drive-in but I don’t know if the place is open these days. I’ve been driving around all morning getting things done in preparation for a blood draw and my departure next month for Michigan, again. Oh boy, it’s getting very cold up there and my sister had snow on her shoulders early today. I already miss my little home!

The Wine Tower

The wine tower is located in the Grape Street Restaurant in Downtown Summerlin. I ordered a chicken sandwich and waited 25 minutes then I left. They have good food as I have eaten there before but what happened this time?

I left a message for these folks on their Instagram account, they apologised and gave me three names to contact the next time I come in. A free meal? Well, I’m not looking for that. The next image is the One Summerlin building.

The goofy Booger King crown photo is mine, I took it while waiting for that scarce junk food meal I allow myself occasionally. I added the McDeath arches since one crown didn’t have a label. Sunny and 66 degrees are on for today, no time for a bike ride today though…

Uploading Issues

Sometimes I just don’t understand the little glitches or issues with technology today. The new iPhone 15 I picked up yesterday works perfectly including the 48-megapixel lens. I have not been able to select multiple images to be uploaded to my cloud storage. I get a check your network connections message.

The nice folks at my local T Mobile store didn’t have a solution, but the guys at the Downtown Summerlin Apple Store did. The iPhone 12 had no issues. Solutions: Upload up to five at once or less, or connect the iPhone to the new MacBook Pro with a cable. That’s very odd, isn’t it?

These are the Summerlin Peaks seen on this cool and windy day with the iPhone 15.

Michigan Dirt Roads

Our dirt roads are like any other dirt roads haha! Dirty is the word, I’ve never understood why people choose to live far down a dirt road. The video of the lovely blue sky and the weather was taken while heading north to Frankenmuth, Michigan riding in a 1968 Cadillac which was so fun. Lots of legroom and a 400+ cubic V8 engine under the hood.

Which Only? Choose Your Choice…

Waiting for that traffic light, the sign with five Only’s on it was soon photographed… I’m weird like that. Almost anything is fair game for my Sony A7C or the new iPhone 15 Pro Max which by the way has a 48-megapixel lens. The iPhone 12 had just 12-megapixels.

If you read any photography magazines or online magazines, you’ll soon find an article about whether or not a change in the camera lens can make any serious difference, that’s a broad statement I guess. Well, I say yes, any gain in the number of pixels available to help capture an image is welcome in my book.

Let’s see how this new lens works over the next few days. I still have to put the camera through a test you could say. Apparently, it also sports a telephoto lens. How?


This isn’t my image, I grabbed it from Instagram but it reminds me of how my dad spanked me when I was a kid. Looking back, I deserved it! Today, a parent or parents may be “turned in” by the child or children for spanking them. The State wants to control your children, hell no to that! I’ve been out and about all day which was nice, another visit to the Apple Store was in order. I traded in the iPhone 12 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!