Popped Again!

Dang Nabit! These fat tires are the weak link of this e-Bike, folks. Last year, the rear tire popped, at that time I had inserts put in between the tube and the tire to hopefully stop the tires from popping, but as you can see this thorn is really big and it’s super hard. I had to use pliers to extract the thorn after I got home. That was a solid decision to wait because as soon as that thorn came out, the hiss started. Well, I’m off the road once again, folks! It was a great 15-mile ride though.

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    • Haha, I love how you worded this, Valeria! I’m not sure about the price but it’s not a concern, I can cover it. I still don’t know what kind of thorn it is, but I think I know where it got stuck in the tire so the next time I’m riding I will have a look around that area. The rear tire popped last year. I love this bike but the darn tires are the weakest part of the bike!

        • I will give you my best guess, yes, they are always there because winters here are very mild compared to Michigan winters. They are likely about the same in your state. I’ve seen a thin layer of ice on backyard swimming pools here but not for a long time now. This is the High Desert so it’s a bit cooler here in winter. 40s overnight, 60s or maybe 70s daytime… That can obviously vary. 😊

          • So curious to see the tree they came from. So be careful riding around if they are always in the streets and sidewalks! Don’t wanna damage anything more than a tire.
            Of your

            • I intend to find this plant if possible, so dangerous to some degree! I really don’t miss the Michigan winters, but do miss riding the snowmobiles since I was a kid…

    • No, I don’t know what kind of plant it came from, but I am fairly sure I know where it came from so the next time I pass that area I am going to look around! I’ve never seen a thorn so big and very hard!

    • It sure does, Pooja! The place that I bought the bike from offers a mobile service which I will use this time. It will save me a 60-mile drive. I have to call them after 11 this morning…

        • No problem, they just need a new tube. I won’t mess with this myself since it’s different for me than working in a non-electric bike. When I was a kid, my buddies and I built our own bikes out of scrap bike parts which we used to go flying over jumps and ride on the frozen lake. Fun!

          • Wow, that sounds so fun. My grandfather loved building stuff from scratch like that but I don’t think I got those genes haha.

  1. Oh, dang, that’s a huge bummer! I hope it doesn’t take too long to get fixed. What kind of tree drops that kind of thorns? 🤔😲 It’s good you got in 15 miles before it happened though!

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