Sunrise At McCarran

Here is an old photo from 2019 as I am heading for Michigan. Sunshine and 84 degrees are on deck for today and my bike will be picked up around noon today by the company I purchased it from. They will take the bike to the Henderson store to repair the tire since the location nearest me is gone until they find a location for a new store. The greedy building owner doubled the rent!

22 thoughts on “Sunrise At McCarran

    • Thank you so much, Maria! This airport will always be McCarran for me. Sunset Road and Eastern are the southeast roads nearest if I recall properly.

  1. What a beautiful image! Wow, doubling the rent is crazy. Do you have any type of rent control? Here, you can’t increase it more than a certain percent.

    • Thank you, Pooja! 🥰❤️ Apparently, there are no laws against doubling the rent here, I don’t know what the rent was but it has to be super high now. So ridiculous! There is a limit to how much anyone can afford for things. Since the pandemic, food prices here have likely doubled. How nice that the system is making people starve.

      • That’s so awful! There needs to be a control on how much prices can increase otherwise people can’t afford the basic stuff needed to live. So disappointing.

        • You are exactly right, Pooja! This makes me so mad. These greedy companies don’t give a damn about people, all they care for is money. Well guess what folks, you can’t take it with you when you die! 🤬

    • Thank you so much, Anneli! On the left side of the image, you can see several towers which have TV stations and radio stations on them. They are in Henderson, NV which butts up against Las Vegas.

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