Wife -vs- Secretary

This image was taken in my dad’s dentist’s office the other day. The Lyric theater is still in use today for various functions which is nice. I am not really sure about the history of this place though, I am sorry about this but my dad’s mother used to visit this place long ago. I am heading home to Las Vegas this coming Thursday which will be very nice but I must fly back to Michigan in a week or so after returning to help my sister help our dad. It’s going to be a long road.

24 thoughts on “Wife -vs- Secretary

  1. You and your family have been and are in my thoughts and prayers.
    For a minute, I thought that picture was one of those places at Knott’s Berry Farm. Lol

    • Hi Bridgette, it’s an old timer! My little hometown’s nice on the original downtown street. It has grown too fast in my opinion.

    • Thank you, the old theater looks pretty good these days, and thank you for your well wishes! It’s nice to see my old downtown again.

    • Hi, K, thank you my friend. He is doing very well so far. An amazing man. The best dad any son could ever ask for. ❤️❤️

    • Thank you, guys! My little hometown has some interesting history. A very different life from the craziness of Las Vegas.

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