Good Morning, Blondie!

Aww, isn’t she the cutest! I love this 85-pound walking carpet! Such a sweet girl. And, she’s a great guard dog too with her very alert ears. A “high” temperature of 52 cold degrees is on deck for this area of Michigan today, brr! It will be great to be back in Las Vegas in a few days even though I will have to turn and burn back up here a week or so later. Being a homeowner means responsibilities. And, I must drive down to Henderson to pay for and pick up my bike too. Life is beautiful, isn’t it!

17 thoughts on “Good Morning, Blondie!

    • Yes, and her personality echos that sweet face! Dad won’t let me take her back to Las Vegas haha. 😂❤️

    • I want to take her home but dad won’t let me! 😂 I am a bit amazed that I used to like this weather to be honest… It’s so unpleasant now!!

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